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Michelle Tanmizi

Michelle is Chinese-Indonesian and a writer. She is also an editor, coach and motivational speaker.


  • 2014: Spoke at TedxTalks in Hong Kong University Science and Technology.

  • 2019: Invited to the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in 2019 following the publication of Late Dawn, her novel.

  • 2022: Completed a Master's in Creative Writing.

  • 2022: Moderator in a panel discussion at the Singapore Writers Festival in November.


She self-published her first poetry book in 2002, called Truth and in 2013, was a contributing author of Conscious Business, part of the best-selling Adventures in Manifesting book series. Late Dawn was her first novel.


As coach and counsellor, she has worked with various people – from asylum seekers and trauma victims to executive leaders. She is impressed with how a person can rise from the brink of despair to achieve goals previously thought unattainable, and evolve from being a victim to survivor. 

As an writer, she wants her stories not only to be exciting, but also thought-provoking and to leave a lasting impression on the reader; maybe even move people to improve the planet. Environment and conservation issues interest her, and she reflects her thoughts about them in her writing.


Late Dawn is a story that stems from Michelle’s love of speculative and science fiction examining the question of how the Earth is likely to morph thousands of years from now if subjected, continuously, to humanity’s destruction and carelessness. It is a cautionary tale, but also a story about hope and transformation.

She has since completed 3 manuscripts: a short story collection, a science fiction thriller and a fantasy science fiction novel. All three are awaiting publication. She is currently working on a climate short story collection. 

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Michelle Appearances, Interviews, guest posts

  • Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2019 Panel discussion, October 2019:

  • Interview by Pashmina P. Reis of Online Authors Office about Late Dawn, Speculative Science Fiction Novel by Michelle Tanmizi. December 2019. Click on the video link below to view.

  • Interview and Article in The Jakarta Post by Sebastian Partogi. 10 May 2020:

  • Interview on 'Wisdom Wednesday' (Twitter) for The Write Hour by Keith Keller, discussing why editing is vital. 25 November 2020. Click on the video link below to view.

  • Interview by Vince Stevenson of Baby Boomers on Books, a new podcast for 2021, featuring emerging and established authors. It's an interview about Late Dawn. 27 April 2021. Click on the video link below to view.


  • Interview for Wasafiri by Sebastian Partogi. 18 July 2021. Click on the video link below to view.

  • Guest post for Shelley Workinger's 'FoodFic' blog, But What Are They Eating? 21 October 2022: 


  • Guest post on, 1st Chapter – Discover Authors, 5 December 2022: 


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