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Late Dawn

It is a hot day in Old India in the year 4793, outside of Ajjipura. Aarav is late for school. As he runs past rice and crop fields, he notices that the thick bushes and trees at both ends of the fields are swaying wildly and it looks like something large is creating the movement…


In 4848, Mother Nature is no longer on the side of humanity. She seems intent to take humans out of the equation, one disaster at a time. Animals are not what they used to be. They are giant, angry beasts that want to reclaim territory lost to human habitation over the years. Mother Nature has finally had enough of man’s destructive behaviour, our disregard for the environment and all creatures living with us on this planet.

Marra Stollen is a Sympathiser, a field agent working for the Coalition for Animal and Environmental Protection. She thinks this is all she is and will ever be. But as the situation unfolds, she slowly discovers her true identity and what she is destined to become. What is the secret to her existence? Will it be enough to stop Man’s last act of destruction before it is too late?

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Conscious Business

This book is a compilation of stories from various entrepreneurs about the power of building and managing a business based on awareness and conscious choices. The stories remind us of the importance of running a company based on a healthy and respectful working environment. They inspire the creation of good work ethics and encourage us to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit.


This book helps strengthen our mission and reminds us of what is needed to create a conscious and sustainable enterprise that makes a difference in the world.


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Late Dawn

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